How to host a website on the Internet?

Host a website on the Internet It is an important step for anyone who wants to enter the world once and for all. online. This is because, as its name suggests, your website needs to have an efficient system to store information, images, videos, products or whatever your goal is on the Internet.

This is where deciding who will host your website and what type of hosting to choose comes into play. It is natural that many doubts arise during this process. Especially for those who don’t understand the more technical part of the virtual world.

What is the purpose of your website?

For Sarmento, before opting for hosting, you should ask yourself what your objective is with it:

  • sell products or services (own or third parties); establish online presence (institutional websites, basically);
  • express yourself or share information (such as on a personal blog);
  • to make money with advertising and advertisements.

To host a website on the Internet it is necessary to take into account the segment of activity

One of the steps to create a website is to choose hosting

For him, one of the advantages of having a website is “being the true owner of what you produce, without having to submit to arbitrary rules of companies or individuals, but only to the legislation of the country in which you reside and where you are located. ”. “The company is “that provides website hosting.”

The expert affirms this based on the custom of many businessmen and self-employed workers who They use social networks as if they were websites, but in reality they are not..

Janio argues: “When you produce content on Facebook (or any platform other than your own), you don’t really own what you produce, except from the point of view that if you do something wrong, like making hate speech, the responsibility will be yours; but in all other aspects the content will be from the platform itself.”

For this reason, it is super important to have a website with your own content on secure hosting that offers an excellent experience to users.

Step by step to create a website

Now that you know the importance of having a website and not just social networks for your business or project, it is important to know what the step-by-step process is to have one.

First step: define the complete profile of your website

This is the most decisive phase in creating a website. It’s time to define all your network strategy. Starting with the type of content you will publish, if you will use ads, if it will be a website, portal or fixed content.

At that moment, It is worth considering the particularities of each segment.. If it is a store, some parameters must be respected; If it is just a virtual diary, other things cannot be missing. Therefore, this initial phase will vary depending on your objective with the Web.

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Second step: Register a domain

After defining how you will present yourself on the Internet, the second step is to register the domain. In short, it is Website Name. Sarmento remembers that it is common for website hosting companies to also offer domain registration services.

However, the expert gives golden advice: “I don’t like this practice because the client may have difficulties in the future changing accommodation or even not be able to do so. The ideal is to avoid intermediaries and register “.br” domains directly with the BR Registry, and choose a domain registration company that provides this service without linking it to website hosting.”

Third step: choose hosting

With the domain already registered, you must choose a hosting company. She is the one who will offer the structure for the operation of the website: services Webof firewall etc There are free hosting sites, however, they may leverage your content or inject code into the website pages, which is not a legal practice.

When you move on to hosting, it’s a different story. Because you will have at least three guarantees:

  • backup guarantee (backups);
  • server security guarantee;
  • guarantee of updating server components, which require technical knowledge that is unusual for the average user.

Fourth step: produce content and launch it online

This is the time to content production per se. This depends on the programmer and content producers. From there, it’s just one step to have your entire website available to your target audience.

What are the most common types of hosting?

To host a website on the Internet, you should choose the tool that provides the most security.

There are 3 types of hosting: shared, dedicated and VPS (Photo: depositphotos)

Nothing generates as many doubts for those who create a website as what type of hosting to choose. Basically there are three modalities. Sarmento, from TrackFlick, helps us summarize each one:

Dedicated Hosting

This is the type of accommodation more expensive and bigger. It makes use of dedicated servers that, as its name indicates, “the resources of this The server is intended exclusively for one client.”. Therefore, it is necessary for the client to pay all operating costs involved.

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Shared Accommodation Hosting

This type of hosting is the most common. It occurs when “the hosting company installs more than one client (usually hundreds, but larger and/or cheaper companies usually install tens of thousands) on a dedicated server.”

The idea is to reduce the effective cost, since each client pays a fraction of the value of the dedicated server. However, despite the low costs, there is a natural counterpart which is the reduction of resources available to each client, who will only receive what is proportional to the amount paid.

In some cases, even with shared hosting, some clients use more resources than others. But for this they also pay proportionally.

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)

oh Private Server or VPS is a hosting considered intermediate between dedicated and shared types.

To better understand, the director of Track Flick explains: “it consists of dividing a dedicated server into several smaller virtual servers. The costs are diluted with the same logic as shared hosting, but there are guarantees, in the case of serious hosting companies, that a client will not use resources from their VPS intended for another client.

Tips when choosing your accommodation

Now you know what types of hosting are available! However, pay attention to these last two tips to avoid falling into traps:

What to avoid when hiring accommodation

Avoid companies that practice so-called overselling. This is nothing more than selling a resource to two clients. In this way, when both use the servers they end up harming the other’s performance.

Given this, the biggest profit is the company that sells something twice in the hope that customers won’t even use the full hosting package.

What to make sure before hiring hosting

Consider hiring a VPS type of cloud hosting or cloud. In this case, an integrated network outside of the physical servers takes care of all the work. However, it can also automatically use physical servers, which increases the security of hosting.

Something that in the market is called “high availability”. The costs are higher, but the service offered is much superior.

Do you now know how to host a website on the Internet? Therefore, it is worth remembering that all of these issues must be considered to be successful in creating your website and making the best decisions for your business. Good luck!

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