How to use Google Drive

oh Google Drive became popular in 2012. It replaced Google Docs, which was a physical storage platform, while this is online. The official Google Drive website shows how you can use the tool. It works as a cloud storage option.

Initially, any user has 15 free gigs available. “This way you can save photos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos and much more,” the developer page explains.

This ensures that stored files can be accessed from anywhere. “You can consult your files in Drive from a smartphone, Tablet or computer. This way, wherever you go, your files will always be at hand.”

How to use Google Drive

The Google Drive website teaches you how to use its official cloud storage tool. Learn now.

Google Drive is an official cloud storage tool that is very easy to use

This tool is already part of the package for those who have Google accounts (Photo: depositphotos)

The first step is to access It’s time to create your access if you don’t have one. It’s worth remembering that if you already have Google accounts, the unit is already part of the package.. Try using your regular username and password.

Then just click on ‘My Drive‘ and you will see the files and folders they passed. increase or that have been synchronized. This area also contains documents created by the user and saved in the cloud.

To make the increase of files or create new ones, simply click on the file you want and work immediately. Editing and formatting are supported in Google Drive.

To share files, the route is very simple. Simply click on the available sharing icon, represented by a small arrow, and choose who to send the files to and transfer ownership to. They are in a special section of ‘My Drive’.

To save Gmail attachments, hover over an attachment in Gmail and look for the Drive logo. From there, you can save attachments to Drive to organize and share them in a single, secure place.

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Scanning is also made easier. Just take a photo of the documents., such as receipts, letters and statements, and Drive will instantly store them in PDF format. In Google Drive you can also create forms online and make diagrams and flowcharts.

Even without being connected, you can edit your materials offline. To do this, you must connect to the Internet through Google Chrome. Then install and activate an offline Google Docs extension for Chrome. Finally, go to and sync the documents.

Google Drive on mobile

On smartphones, Google Drive works on Android systems and also on Apple devices

Since the storage is in the cloud, the files do not take up space on the computer’s hard drive (Photo: depositphotos)

Us smart phonesGoogle Drive runs on systems Android and also on Apple devices. Its operation is similar to that of desktop and laptop computers and You need to download the app to use it..

After that, simply start uploading existing files, creating new ones, sharing them, and organizing them however you see fit. oh Using Google Drive on your cell phone makes remote access to files in the cloud even easieras it improves accessibility anywhere and anytime.

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Advantages of Google Drive

Google Drive offers other advantages for users. Even the free version has interesting advantages. See three of them:

Does not take up physical space

The common, free user has 15 gigabytes of cloud storage space at their disposal. When using Google Drive, The files do not take up space on the computer’s HD and this guarantees more agility for your machine.

Can be shared

Once in Google Drive, the user can invite other people to access the files. It is a way of sharing content. You can “view, transfer and collaborate on files of your choice, without resorting to file attachments. email”.

it is expandable

If you want to increase the capacity of Google Drive, you can expand your storage free from 15 gigs to 100 gigs for R$ 6.99 per month. There are also packages of 1 tera for R$ 34.99 or 10 tera for R$ 349.99 per month.

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