How to Watch Xbox Developer_Direct January 2024

Microsoft will hold the first notable video game showcase of 2024 tomorrow with its second annual Developer_Direct showcase. As Microsoft comes off a successful 2023 with games like Hifi fever, star fieldand Forza Motorsports This program is prepared to give us an in-depth view of the development of the games that will arrive this year, such as The Senua Saga: Hellblade II and Declared. Plus, we’ll see MachineGames’ Indiana Jones game in action for the first time.

Developer Direct '24 key art shows off Ara: History Untold, Avowed, Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2, and Ara: History Untold.

Xbox fans who are curious about the company’s lineup of games over the next year will definitely want to tune in to January 2024’s Developer_Direct. To help those planning to watch it, we’ve put together information on when and where you can watch it and what you should expect from it. .

When is Xbox Developer_Direct January 2024?

Xbox Developer_Direct 2024 will begin at 12 pm PT on January 18. Microsoft has not confirmed a specific duration, but it is expected to last less than an hour because as The Elder Scrolls online The Global Reveal livestream will take place after Developer_Direct at 1 pm Pacific Time.

How to Watch Xbox Developer_Direct January 2024

Microsoft plans to livestream this Developer_Direct across all of its official gaming channels. That means we can expect live streams on Xbox. Youtube, Facebookand Twitch pages, as well as those of Bethesda Youtube and Twitch. Microsoft will also present the program on Steam and its official version. ASL-friendly Twitch account. We’ll embed the live stream on this page once it’s available so you can watch it directly from Digital Trends.

What to expect from the Xbox Developer_Direct January 2024

Senua looks forward wearing war paint.
Very clear expectations have been set for what will and will not appear in this year’s Developer_Direct. Microsoft has confirmed four games for the program: the untitled Indiana Jones game from MachineGames, the role-playing game from Obsidian Entertainment Declared4X strategy game by Oxide Games Ara: Untold storyand The Senua Saga: Hellblade II of ninja theory.

He Xbox Wire Post which revealed the show’s game lineup says that for the Indiana Jones game, MachineGames will highlight “over 10 minutes of information about the game and the developers,” providing firm details on things like its story and gameplay. Meanwhile, Declared You’ll get a “deep dive into the gameplay experience,” with an emphasis on showcasing the game’s main themes and focusing on reactivity.

He Ara: Untold story The segment will “reveal exclusive new gameplay and share more details about the inspiration, key features, and way forward.” Finally, the show will focus on The Senua Saga: Hellblade IIwith Xbox Wire posting promising that Ninja Theory will “speak to the ambition and meticulous care involved in creating Senua’s survival journey.”

In terms of what we shouldn’t expect from the event, another Xbox Wire Article confirms that no games from Activision, Blizzard Entertainment or King will be part of the program and that there will be no surprise releases as happened with Hifi fever last year. Still, this showcase will establish a clear picture of what Xbox 2024 will look like, especially if any of the four confirmed games have a release date.




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