OtterBox Reveals New Cactus Leather iPhone Cases

OtterBox recently introduced its new line of Cactus Leather iPhone cases at CES. The Colorado-based company is known for its protective and durable cases for iPhone and Android phones.

These latest cases from OtterBox are made with a new material that “feels like leather but made from cactus.” According to OtterBox, the case’s cactus material comes from an “innovative cactus-based biomaterial that is durable, beautiful and sustainable.” The prickly pear cacti used for the boxes can thrive in tough conditions and don’t need constant watering or hot weather, OtterBox said.

OtterBox’s goal with these new cases is to create a case that looks and feels like leather but is made from a more sustainable and environmentally friendly material.

The Cactus Leather cases will be part of OtterBox’s Symmetry Series line of cases. The cases feature OtterBox’s ‘DROP+’ case protection technology, a raised lip around the camera to keep it safe, and a screen lip to protect the screen. The company hopes this new offering from Cactus Leather will be a good alternative to other leather-like phone cases, such as Apple’s new FineWoven cases released last year.

OtterBox will also offer a Cactus Leather band for Apple Watch and a MagSafe wallet.

According MacRumorsThe cases will be priced at $60 USD (approximately $80 CAD) and will be available on the OtterBox website sometime in Spring 2024. mobile syrup has reached out to OtterBox regarding Canadian pricing and availability of the Cactus Leather cases.


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