Volkswagen Adds Chatgpt To Its In-car Assistant

At CES 2024, German automaker Volkswagen announced plans install ChatGPT in your vehicles, because why not? According to the company, the new chatbot function is offered in the following models: ID.7, ID.4, ID.5, ID.3, the new Tiguan, the new Passat and the new Golf.

The feature will roll out to customers in Europe first, and plans are being discussed for a U.S. launch. The feature will likely come to Canada some time later.

Volkswagen says the integration will be possible through “Cerence Chat Pro” and will offer various functions to users, such as being able to control the infotainment system and air conditioning, or get answers to general knowledge questions.

“In the future, AI will provide additional information in response to questions beyond this as part of its ever-expanding capabilities. “This can be useful on many levels during a car trip: enriching conversations, clarifying questions, interacting in intuitive language, receiving vehicle-specific information and much more – exclusively hands-free,” Volkswagen wrote.

The automaker also stated that nothing changes for the driver. They don’t need to create a new account or install any apps, and can simply say “Hello IDA” or press the button on the steering wheel to access the chatbot. Volkswagen also said that ChatGPT does not gain access to any vehicle data and prompts are removed immediately to ensure privacy and data protection.

You can read more about the development. here.

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In related news, Solos announced that it will add ChatGPT translation features to its AirGo 3 smart glasses.

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