How to call restricted from your cell phone? Find it out!

You know how to call restricted from cell phone? Sometimes we want to call certain people, but we don’t want the phone number to be recorded. To solve this, there is the option to connect in a restricted way. In that mail You will discover how to make restricted calls and also how to disable this feature on your device.

Mobile phones, unlike landlines, come with a caller id own. Therefore, anyone can identify her number when making a call. Either from another cell phone or from a commercial or landline number.

The main problem is that we do not always want other people to save contact numbers during a call and to avoid this there is the option of making calls with private number. The good news is that this service is free and you can disable caller ID for just one call or for all calls.

To find out how this works, keep reading this. mail We will give you advice on how to call privately all available telephone operators and also how to set up your own cell phone.

What are restricted calls?

Restricted call, with private, confidential or even anonymous number. There are several names given to the same function, but do you know what it is?

Calling restricted from your cell phone is a way of make a call without the call number being saved on the other device. Mobile phones have their own caller ID. Therefore, unlike what happens on landlines, it is possible to see the number of any person who calls a certain number. All this, without the need for an external caller ID.

Cell phone with anonymous call

However, many people want to make calls without the other person seeing the calling number. That is why the restricted calling tool emerged, which became quite popular with the advancements in technology.

How does it work?

The restricted calling tool works by ensuring that the caller’s phone number does not appear on another cell phone or landline’s caller ID. However, this it’s not illegalsince everyone has the right not to want to reveal their phone numbers.

In Brazil there is code #31 that can be used in calls from cell phones to any device and is used to restrict calls. However, it cannot be used on calls from landlines and only works on dialed calls.

However, it is possible to activate the function directly on mobile phones so that it works on all calls. Best of all, the number remains anonymous even on devices that have the calling number saved. See how to do this.

How to call restricted from an Android cell phone?

As already mentioned, it is possible to hide the phone number in all calls made by the device. To do this you just have to follow this step by step. It is worth remembering that this operation can also be reversed, following the same step by step. On devices with the operating system Android The only thing you have to do is access the “phone” application on your cell phone. Then click “menu“and open the”“call settings” on the device.

The option to disable caller ID on phone calls is in “optional settings”. Finally, click on the option caller id and mark hide the number. Well, after that the phone number will no longer appear in calls you make to other mobile or landline phones. To deactivate this function simply follow the same process, but select the option to show the number.

And the iPhone?

If you have an iPhone mobile phone, you can easily make your calls anonymously through the device itself. To do this, simply go to the cell phone settings and choose the phone option.

Then choose to show caller ID and disable this feature. Subsequently, the number will appear as private in calls to any operator.

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How to call restricted by telephone operators?

Another simple way to restrict mobile phone number identification is through the services offered by the operators themselves. Be careful, however, as some mobile operators charge to use the service.

It is also possible to use a national code that works for free, but only on mobile phones.

If you are a customer of the Oi operator, you can request the private number functionality through the center. To do this, simply call *144 from your cell phone or 1057 from any device.

After that, choose the option to talk to an assistant and ask for the option to unlock the restricted call feature. For landlines the process is the same.

Another option is to dial the code #31# before the call number. This is a national code and will only work on cell phone calls. In this way, when using this code the calling number will be #31# operator code and area code for long distance calls and finally the desired phone number.

With the Claro mobile telephone operator it is also possible to request the activation of the private calling tool through the center. To do this, simply call 1052 and choose the option to speak to an assistant.

This allows you to activate the option for all calls made from the registered mobile number. To deactivate it you must follow the same procedure.

Tim offers private calling services through the call center to mobile and landline numbers. To request it you must call *144 on your cell phone or 1056 on your landline and ask for the functionality to be unlocked.

Vivo also offers to unlock the functionality through the call center. If you are a mobile phone customer, you can call 1058 or use the code #31#, valid throughout Brazil.

However, if you want to make restricted calls from a landline, you will need to unlock the feature first. To do this, simply call 103 15 and request a configuration change. After that, you will receive instructions on how to call anonymously whenever you want.

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Is it possible to call restricted from a landline?

Sim, It is possible to make restricted calls from landlines.. You’ve seen how to make restricted calls from your mobile phone easily, but for landlines the process is a little different.

Here you need to contact your operator’s call center and request a change in settings. With this you can call anonymously whenever you want, but be careful because some Operators usually charge for the service.. Therefore, always ask what the conditions are for using the functionality.

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