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If your Xiaomi phone won’t turn on and gets stuck on the Mi home screen, don’t worry, there is a solution to this relatively common problem. This dilemma is usually associated with software problems, such as problematic updates or other errors, which means that your hardware may be intact. To resolve this, follow the steps below.

xiaomi cell phone does not turn on
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When you encounter the frozen home screen, simultaneously press the power on/off and volume up buttons for a long period of time, ideally with the phone turned off. This will grant access to MIUI recovery.

Inside the recovery, try to fix the error by selecting the “Reset” option and then “Reboot to system”. This will reboot your phone safely without data loss.

If the problem persists, a more drastic option is to select “Wipe data”, performing a hard reset, which erases all data, but keeps the contents on the memory card. After this step, the problem should be resolved, allowing your Xiaomi cell phone to start normally, without getting stuck on the Mi screen.

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Xiaomi Does Not Turn On And The Led Only Flashes

This is another common problem with a Xiaomi cell phone that does not turn on. It usually happens when the device is charging and only the LED flashes indicating that it is receiving charge, but the device itself simply does not turn on. This occurs when the device freezes for some reason or simply because there is no power reaching the cell phone.

To solve the problem, with the cell phone plugged into the charger, simply press the on/off and volume up buttons simultaneously until a startup screen called Fastboot appears, which is similar to the previous problem and allows you to safely reboot the system. , preserving your data.

Xiaomi Does Not Turn On And Only Vibrates

This is a more delicate case, because if your Xiaomi cell phone does not turn on and only vibrates, even when it is charged and carrying out the process of simultaneously pressing the on/off and volume up buttons, it may be that the smartphone has had an internal problem, which may have to be taken to technical assistance.

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This problem can occur for various reasons, such as dropping the device or contact with liquids, since this could end up damaging the internal devices of the device in some way or something similar and in this case it is recommended to take the smartphone to a specialist. so that you can evaluate the status of the product and discover the error, so that you can solve it in the best way.

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Xiaomi Does Not Turn On Or Charge

This is another relatively common case when talking about a Xiaomi cell phone that does not turn on. Unlike the other errors presented here, it gives no indication that it is receiving a charge, either through vibrations or a flashing LED, let alone screen initialization.

Here there are solutions that can be very simple, such as changing the charger, you must test both the cable and the power connector to check if they are fully functional. If it is not the fact that the Xiaomi cell phone does not turn on, the problem may be in the cell phone’s charging port, which may contain dust or some other particle that is preventing the device from charging.

Finally, once again the process of simultaneously pressing the on/off and volume up buttons is recommended, until the Fastboot screen appears. In this case, it is important to continue pressing the buttons until the cell phone boots completely, so that the system can be cleaned without losing data.


It is worth remembering that these are just some of the possible solutions if your Xiaomi cell phone does not turn on, which have already been tested and in the vast majority of cases they solved the problem with the smartphone. However, the real problem behind the cell phone not starting may be something more complex and in these cases it should be taken to technical assistance so that a specialist knows what is happening.

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